Session 1 - Week 2

This week at camp....

Was Super Hero Week!!

We played a Super Hero edition of Jeopardy.  We had a Bounce house visit Camp and it gave us super hero jumping abilities! On Water Wednesday, We had real life Super Heroes Visit us from the Fayetteville Fire Dept. They spoke to us about fire safety then demonstrated how their fire hose worked by giving us a fun shower!

On Friday, we had a Super Hero Counselor Fashion Show! We dressed up counselors as Super Heroes that we invented earlier in the day. We constructed a runway complete with spotlights and had them show off their awesome Super makeovers!

In Arts & Crafts... In the patriotic spirit we made Watercolor Fireworks by dropping paint onto paper and blowing on them to make them look like real fireworks! We also made Star wreaths and creative masks. 

In Gym... We played scooter hockey, We also played Fort Knox (capture the flag) where we were capturing "Gold" from our enemies. On Friday, we set up different stations for a variety of fun!

At the Playground... We played Freeze dance, we also took a "field Trip" to the Fayetteville Elementary playground for some monkeying around. 

See you next session!!!