Session 1 - Week 1

This week at camp....

We had a Drum Circle visit camp! We learned about different African drums and had a chance to use them in a group drumming session. We spent a day playing a variety of dance game. On Wednesday we had our Water day! We had a blast using water balloons and playing water relays! Campers really enjoyed our Karaoke day. They each had a chance in the spot light. We ended our week with a Black light party! We jammed while glowing in the dark!

In Arts & Crafts... we made Paper animals. The campers went wild with their creativity when we made paper animals. They came up with awesome new animals. Campers used Spin art to make works of art! We also fused music with art and made Maracas. We look forward to another week of fun crafts!

In Gym... We worked on hand-eye coordination while throwing balls at bowling pins in a variety of games. Crab soccer was a big hit. The campers enjoyed the halftime "show" of doing the Cha Cha Slide. 

At the Playground... We spent time on the playground. All week we incorporated games in our playground time. We spent tome playing tunnel tag and playing with the parachute. 

We Look forward to another week of Fun!!!